New Level 1 Martial Arts Classes Forming Now!

Level 1 ToShin-Do classes are currently forming. This is martial art is an Art of the Protector, teaching people how to defend themselves, be a protector, and get home safely to their families. Our curriculum is designed as a way to promote peace, security, and well-being, never as a way to promote violence. Our training helps us learn to remain calm in times of stress, whether that of the workplace, the classroom or under attack from the inside or outside. Learn how to be the center of calm, protecting what is most important. The world needs more protectors!

This is a modern approach to self-defense, utilizing based on realistic situations and provides realistic training. Based on the most common attacks in America, this ancient martial art is updated to provide useful material. What you learn from Day 1 on, will be immediately useful.

In addition, this ToShin-Do helps us look into ourselves, develop self-growth, and a healthy body. Our physical martial art is practiced by people with a wide range of fitness and age. Our Code of Mindful Action, that will support you along your journey of personal growth. Our Mind Science lessons, help teens and adults learn introspection, and navigate the waters of life. We train in defenses against traditional and modern weapons: sword, and bow staff to knife and gun defenses.

Level 1 Classes are Sundays at 1:15 pm, and Thursday 6:15 pm. Bring a friend or your family! Call us to speak with us about attending.

Mindfulness Yoga Classes

Mindful Movement – Yoga Class.  Classes held at Be Well Studios, on Sundays from 3 to 4:15.  Drop in’s Welcome.

Classes consist of yoga asana practice, followed by guided relaxation, concentration exercises, and meditation.

This is a slow moving gentle and meditative practice, which brings relaxation, while developing our capacity to guide our minds.